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about me

Hi, I'm Xenia, a penultimate-year BSC Computer Science student at the University of Surrey. I'm currently exploring all areas of the discipline; I have previous front-end web development experience but I am looking to expand my experience in areas such as data science and software engineering.

I was introduced to the concept of programming when my friend introduced me to Scratch as a 9 year old. I learned HTML thanks to the children’s site Neopets shortly after and from then on I started looking further into web development. I undertook work experience at a local digital marketing agency where I had an in-depth insight into web technologies such as PHP + MySQL to integrate a back-end and a brief overview of JavaScript and Angular for fluid, dynamic sites. From there, I've been looking into how to combine my programming knowledge with my other skills such as mathematics and creative design principles to work out where my degree can take me.

my skills


  • Web: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
  • Object-oriented: Java
  • Some experience: C/C#, Python, Angular, Sass/SCSS


  • Photoshop: intermediate proficiency
  • Illustrator: basic proficiency


  • Playing rock/metal and jazz guitar
  • Seeing concerts and live music
  • Cooking and baking

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